It's all about Planning!

I come from a background of traffic engineering & transport planning. I Over a period of eight years, I delivered over a dozen of transportation and traffic engineering tasks on projects such as strategic plans, masterplans and traffic impact assessments. With most of the projects involving input from various technical teams and securing approvals from clients and public authorities, I have learnt the importance of effective communication and adopting an agile management approach to ensure delivery of tasks in a timely manner without compromising the quality of the work. 

I have experience conducting focus group discussion, organizing design workshops across different topics such as: transport planning, environmental sciences, urban design, education and digital transformation. 

Project Highlight #1: UN Women Education & Labor Market Assessment (2018)

One project that I am particularly proud of was assessing the education and labour market needs in six different countries in order to provide actionable advice on helping young women find gainful employment for the Second Chance Education (SCE) programme. As an Arabic native speaker, I was assigned the country of Jordan. My responsibilities included conducting extensive desktop and field research on the subject matter. I identify key stakeholders like educational providers, local municipalities, NGOs and businesses and conduct face-to-face interviews with them to identify challenges and opportunities. 

The highlight of the project was conducting focus group discussions with women jobseekers to better understand their education and employment needs. Our final assessment and proposed training program were approved by the UN Women SCE Steering Committee.

Project Highlight #1: First & Last Mile Connectivity Toolkit

As a project manager, I secured internal funding from the company through a rigorous selection process, to design a toolkit that can be used by city authorities and transport operators who will be able use the toolkit to better coordinate infrastructure investments in station areas, extend the reach of transit, and increase ridership. I also managed a team of 15 transport & town planners, railway engineers and economy experts experts from different regional offices (Shanghai, Madrid, Auckland and San Francisco) to develop the toolkit and compile all the parameters and case studies.

Click here to view the complete toolkit. 

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